Event Profile

Datamatix will be Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the largest global government and business event in Dubai, UAE in April 2019, the event that annually brings together global VIP’s, dignitaries, keynotes and experts including leaders and executives from UN, IMF, World Bank, OECD, ITU and other global official institutions for developing and positioning the government organizations at the pinnacle of global competitiveness and excellence.

The event over the past years has attracted most popular global keynotes and experts in its key addresses and interactive sessions, and has presented the most successful best practices that seeks to create new global governance models, leveraging new technologies and modern management strategies whilst focusing on devising strategies specially for the post-oil era and developing AI, blockchain and Internet of things for future infrastructure and sovereignty in our increasingly interconnected world.

Marking a quarter century of supporting the efforts of the organizations towards improving efficiency and keeping pace with the global latest trends in light of institutional transformation and competitiveness whilst shedding light on future strategies and supporting the development of the pillars of organisational innovation and knowledge in the era of knowledge-based economy, thereby formulating future-oriented strategies and supporting the development in the age of global transformation policy.

In the 21st century era, where the pace of innovation is challenging the organisational ability to adapt, the conference has emerged as an essential platform to identify future global trends, share best practices and progressively plan for our future. The event has become a permanent global knowledge platform available to the organisations and poised to shape the future of governance and become a knowledge centre at the intersection between government, futurism and modern technology.

On the occasion of the Events Silver Jubilee Anniversary in April 2019, Datamatix in association with its global partners, with great honor presents the, “25th GCC Smart Government and Smart Cities Conference” that marks its silver jubilee year and aspires to bring together global government, business and official institutions dignitaries and key decision makers to discuss and share the new era of organizational transformation, new governance policy and trends by providing a strategic understanding initiatives for the organizational leadership.

The theme of the event centers around creating a strong and lasting relationship in the global community, where the west-east and north-south purposively meets and sets the stage for strengthening the future development strategy and sharing global best practices and the organizational innovative strategies.

The event will also discuss strategies for envisioning the future, organizational transformation, corporate strategic planning, knowledge management development, leadership and governance, institutional innovation and creativity governance and development in the era of transformation, and strengthen the role of organizations in the context of global competitiveness and future perspectives whilst supporting the development of the pillars of innovation in the era of knowledge-based economy, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT-Internet of things.

The conference has provided a unique arena over the past 25 years to celebrate ambitious projects of modernization and will continue in its Silver Jubilee Anniversary by gathering the global audiences and strongly supporting the vision of global governments in adopting sustainable strategies of global excellence. The conference aims to be a destination for excellence and development, in alignment with "Excellence Government" mission to provide the motivating investment environment, and to contribute to sustainable development and prosperity.

Finally this event is a place where the global organizations Ministers, Governors, Mayors, Deputies, Ambassadors, Presidents, CEO’s, MD’s, GM’s, Members of Councils, Parliamentary and Corporate Board Members, Strategic Planning and Performance, CIO’s and Experts, Projects Directors, Smart Services Executives, Network Engineers & Security Specialists, Deans & Principals of Universities and Organisations Leaders and Executives, will get together to discuss strategies for envisioning the future and organizational transformation for positioning the organizations at the pinnacle of global competitiveness and excellence.

Who will attend?

  • Ministers, Deputies and Under Secretaries
  • Chairman, Ambassadors Presidents, CEO, MD, GM
  • Members of Councils, Parliamentary and Corporate Board Members
  • Police and Armed Forces Decision Makers and Executives
  • ICT Engineers, Technicians, System Analysts
  • ICT Solution Providers Decision Makers and Executives
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Executives
  • CIO, IT Managers, Projects Managers and Smart Services Executives
  • Project Managers, Developers, Network Engineers & Security Specialists
  • Deans & Principals of Universities, Colleges and Officials involved in Education
  • Leaders and Executives in Customer Service, Strategic Planning and Performance
  • Managers and Executives in Public Relations, Call Centers and Consulting Firms
  • Managers of Corporate Communications, Marketing, and Media Relations

Why should you attend?

  • Integration of Technology: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in the Enterprise Technology System
  • Raise the level of smart government services in accordance of regional and global excellence and competitiveness
  • Integration of Internet of Things technologies into the enterprise technology system
  • Cyber Security Strategies for the GCC Countries
  • National strategy for the development of government and smart cities for the post-oil phase
  • National strategy for the development of internal governmental electronic administrative systems
  • National Strategy for VAT Governance in the Age of Government and Smart Cities
  • National Strategy on Smart Internet Connectivity for GCC Countries
  • National strategy to develop and activate the smart medical records
  • National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, Business Development and Virtualization
  • National strategy for developing e-payment services and channels for the government and smart cities
  • National strategy for developing large data standards and how to receive information electronically
  • National Strategy for Developing the Global Competitiveness of Government Services and Smart Cities
  • National strategy for developing the technologies and requirements of smart tourism services and information
  • National Strategy for Smart Electronic Systems in the Transport and Roads Sector
  • National strategy for the development and application of Block chain technology in government institutions
  • National strategy for the development e-signature in the era of government and smart cities
  • National strategy for the development of a Single Window Citizen Service platform for the delivery of government services and smart cities
  • National strategy for the development of e-content of the government and smart cities
  • The National Strategy for Developing and Implementing the Fourth Generation for Government Services and Smart Cities
  • The National Strategy for Implementing Modern Management Strategies and Leadership in an Age of Knowledge Economy and Globalization
  • The National Strategy for the Development of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things Connectivity
  • The national strategy for the development of strategic partnership systems through the BOT system to support and sustain smart city projects