Global Leaders to Formulate Excellence Initiatives for Positioning
Government Organizations at the Pinnacle of Global Competitiveness
in the Era of the 5th Generations of Technology

Conference Profile and Objectives

Datamatix will be Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the largest global government and business event in Dubai, UAE in April 2019, the event that annually brings together global VIP’s, dignitaries, keynotes and experts including leaders and executives from UN, IMF, World Bank, OECD, ITU and other global official institutions for developing and positioning the government organizations at the pinnacle of global competitiveness and excellence.

The event over the past years has attracted most popular global keynotes and experts in its key addresses and interactive sessions, and has presented the most successful best practices that seeks to create new global governance models, leveraging new technologies and modern management strategies whilst focusing on devising strategies specially for the post-oil era and developing AI, blockchain and Internet of things for future infrastructure and sovereignty in our increasingly interconnected world.

Marking a quarter century of supporting the efforts of the organizations towards improving efficiency and keeping pace with the global latest trends in light of institutional transformation and competitiveness whilst shedding light on future strategies and supporting the development of the pillars of organisational innovation and knowledge in the era of knowledge-based economy, thereby formulating future-oriented strategies and supporting the development in the age of global transformation policy. Read More

Smart Government Conference Topics

City Total
Smart Services
Country Total
Smart Services
Smart Waste
Health Care
Smart Services
Smart Services
Intelligence (AI)
Smart Banking
Iternet of
Things (IOT)
Smart Municipality
Smart Government
Smart Airports
Smart Tourism
Smart Ministry
Smart Retail
Smart Education
Smart GIS
Social Media
eCommerce Portals
Smart Content
Smart Payments
Smart Strategic
Smart Tech
Smart Urban
Smart Security

Empowering Smart Cities for a Sustainable Future
Combining Digital, Intelligent, Smart and Sustainable Initiatives for
Creating a Safe and Secure Smart City

Keynote Speakers and Moderators

  • Dr. Ahmad Tahlak
  • Dr. Usman Zafar
  • His Excellency Brad Woodside
  • Hanane Benkhallouk
  • Dr. Náder Alyani
  • Dr. Ayoub Kazim
  • Mr.Nesar Khan
  • Ahmed Matar Al Mheiri
  • Abdulla Almohaisin
  • Prof. Abhilasha Singh
  • Mr.Andrew Rippon
  • Ms. Laila Faridoon
  • Mr.Ammar Sabbagh
  • Vasudevan Kidambi
  • Martin Baerschmidt
  • Mr.Jorge Duarte
  • Dr. Muneer Zuhdi
  • Mr. Ahmed Sami
  • Mr.Patrick Osta
  • Mohammed Al Hudayan
  • Eng. Rami Alghamdi
  • Mr. Ahmed Fuad Madani
  • AbdAlnour Sami
  • Dr. Corrie Block
  • Danish Farhan
  • Mary Ames
  • Loay Al-Nakhal
  • Mr. Dieter Hovorka
  • Martin Tillman
  • Krishna Iyer
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